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( Black: is any African, Indian or Coloured – citizens of South Africa) Read More: Download a copy of the Amended Codes of Good Practice. Section 4 and Statement 000 of Government Gazette 36928 specifically states the following”an entity with a total revenue of R10 million or less qualifies as an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME). An EME is deemed to have a BBBEE status” Level Four” Contributor having a recognition level of 100% under paragraph 8.2.An EME is only required to obtain a sworn affidavit on an annual basis confirming the following; total annual revenue of R10 million or less than R10 million and Level of* Black Ownership. Enhanced BBBEE recognition is an EME Exempt Micro Enterprise which is 100% Black Owned qualifies for elevation to a Level One Contributor and 51% Black Owned qualifies as a Level Two contributor. Under Section 6 of Statement 000 A start-up enterprise must be measured as an EME for the first year following their incorporation, deemed to have a BBBEE status in accordance with paragraph 4 and must provide an independent confirmation of its status in accordance with paragraph 4.5

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